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Chocobo Breeding, Dungeon Details and Tactics Menu in Final Fantasy Type-0

October 23, 2011
Squirrel Emperor

A few new Final Fantasy Type- details have surfaced from the NicoNico footage with Director, Hajime Tabata.

Chocobo Breading returns in Type-0. What you do is you catch chocobos on the world map and you breed them. There are many breeds of chocobos. Wild ones run away and breeding one is required in order to be able to ride it and dismount it without it fleeing on you.

Something we knew a couple of months back is that there would be dungeons placed all over the world map. Some of these dungeons have nothing to do with the story and if you enter them, you'll find some items. Some dungeons will require your team to have to split up.

To wrap things up. "Tactics" menu, located on the title screen, is where you'll be presented with a list of all the missions that you have cleared. Here, you can enjoy them in multiplayer and play them at a higher difficulty level then what was in the main story

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